Helping Others While Vacationing

Have you ever tried to get a teenager and a pre-teen to wake up at 5:00 a.m. to do a service project while they were on vacation? At first, my two daughters groaned and curled back into their blankets, pulling them over their heads, trying to shut me out of their minds. I turned on... Continue Reading →


Amsterdam: Multiple Stories

When I tell people I went to Amsterdam on my vacation, they get puzzled looks on their faces. I can see that they wonder why I went there. They either give me a half smile like they are saying, “I know what you did,” or if they know me well, they will stare at me... Continue Reading →

Marksburg Castle: Reverse Idealization

After reading about colonialism in my NAU college class this past week, I realize that in subtle ways it still impacts people today, including me. What is colonialism? "French anthropologist Georges Balandier provided a classic definition in 1963. According to Balandier, the colonial situation is characterized by 'the domination imposed by a foreign minority, 'racially'... Continue Reading →

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